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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cooking Tips


■Prepare for Success – Before you begin cooking a dish, have all your ingredients prepared and ready to use.
■Patience Is A Virtue – When cooking a steak, be patient and make sure the pan is sizzling hot before adding the meat. This ensures a perfectly seared meat.
■The Spice of Life – Always keep garlic ready to use in the freezer. Blitz a few cloves in the blender and freeze them in an ice cube tray. They’re perfect for use in sauces and stews.
■Don’t Be Wasteful – After cooking chicken, fish or beef, don’t toss the leftover bones – they are key to making perfectly flavored stock! Simmer the bones in water with a carrot, an onion, several peppercorns and a bay leaf for one to two hours.
■Keep It Hot, Hot, Hot! – Never open the oven when baking. The cold air will sink your cake.!/notes/hells-kitchen/chef-gordon-ramsay-celebrates-the-milestone-100th-episode-of-hells-kitchen-by-sh/443463986477

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