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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stuffed Banana Peppers

This recipe is inspired by my Dad. Let me tell you about his garden. My Dad grows a variety of vegetables in the summer. When you arrive at my parents' house, you can't miss his beautiful garden. It is filled with zucchini, a variety of peppers, tomatoes, etc. I love to harvest an abundance of banana peppers. This usually happen right before the pre-season for the Steelers! I prepare at least 12 dozen of stuffed peppers and I freeze them. Uncooked. This provides me a great supply to last me through the football season and well into winter. When I have guest over for the big game, I simply go to my freezer, pull out how many I need, place them in a pan with some sauce (marinara or my Dad's awesome hot pepper sauce), and bake. And presto, my guests think I have been slaving all day!

12 banana peppers
3 pounds of hot sausage
3 eggs
1 1/2 cups of romano cheese, shredded
1 cup of italian bread crumbs
2 cups of marinara sauce (For when you bake them)

Clean the peppers. You will want to wear gloves as the peppers will linger on your hands, even after you wash them. Cut the top off the peppers, cut the pepper lengthwise on one side with a paring knife leaving about 1/2" not cut at the bottom.
In a large bowl, mix the remaining ingredients, except the marinara sauce. Stuff the mixture into the peppers. At this point you can place them into freezer bags. To bake, place in a baking pan with the marinara sauce at 350 until sausage is cooked completely. (Approximately 45 minutes if thawed, 90 minutes if frozen). Garnish with shredded romano, fresh parsley, and a dollop of sour cream.

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